Wink News LogoNearly two dozen mysterious objects popped up in downtown Fort Myers Wednesday.

The secret objects are being kept under wraps, leaving passerby’s guessing what they could be.

“Maybe they’re expanding. Like they’re slightly larger then they were yesterday… Is that possible?” asked vacationer Paul Dyer.

“I’m not sure. But they’re like weird and there’s a whole bunch of them. I’m kind of anxious to see what they are,” says Javon Safford.

WINK News uncovered the objects are statues, part of a 23 piece public art exhibit debuting in North America for the first time. The sculptures have been strategically placed  to create a walking throughout downtown. A brochure with a map and descriptions of the artwork will be made available of they’re unveiled, Thursday morning. The public exhibit will be on display until March.

“Out of all the places that they could have chosen, they chose downtown Fort Myers. I think that’s awesome,” says Safford.

The first sculpture, a nine foot, nearly 600 pound statue first arrived three weeks ago downtown before disappearing again.

The full “Allure Your Senses” exhibit, put on by the Allure Luxury Condominium developers feature the work of internationally acclaimed, Colombian artist, Edgardo Carmona.

Art Fest Fort Myers Executive Director, Sharon McAllister says this exhibit is proof of the city’s growing art scene.